Interactive equipment


Interactive equipment is equipment that can provide invaluable assistance in the process of education, presentations, meetings, exhibitions and all possible demonstration events.

Interactive equipment allows you to show slides or video, take notes, draw, draw various circuits, or take electronic polls; it allows active participation of the audience or participants in a meeting in the process of learning or discussion.

It is very important to apply these technologies to major events when you want to convey things that are difficult to describe in words. Interactive equipment is also useful in the field of education. Teachers have an opportunity to make the learning process more visual and interactive. Software allows teachers to create training material on various subjects, simulate experiments, test students and instantly show results on the board, conduct listening when learning foreign languages and demonstrate thematic videos.

Here are some examples of interactive equipment:

Interactive whiteboards:

Electronic interactive whiteboards are an invariable success with professionals from all over the world: in schools and universities, project organizations, and government and business structures.

An interactive whiteboard is a touch screen that's connected to your computer, which sends the image to the projector. You need only touch the surface of the board to get started on your computer. Some types are called table-tablets.

Special software for interactive boards allows you to work with text and objects, audio and video, Internet resources, and to take notes by hand directly on top of open documents and to save information. Interactive whiteboards provide unique opportunities for work and creativity and are easy to control.

Interactive tablets:

Interactive tablets are devices designed for entering information using an electronic pen.

Tablets are very compact and that makes them very mobile and thus very convenient to use. The standard size of the tablet is not more than the size of the mouse pad (and there are a lot more tablets that are used by professionals)

Interactive panels:

Interactive panels are panels that combine an LCD monitor with an information input device using an electronic pen.

They are widely used in all possible fields- from domestic use to high-tech institutions.

Interactive voting system:

An interactive voting system is a combination of software and hardware designed to carry out conferences, seminars, tests, surveys, and forums of various topics.

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