NEC videowalls rental

 NEC videowalls rental 25/06/13

We present for your attention new item of our rental set: NEC X551UN displays for videowalls installation. This model reflects the latest achievements in the area of videowalls development: direct LED light, dimensions 1920 x 1080, unique edge 5,7 mm, high brightness - 700 kd/m2, hardness 4000:1, thin cover - 128 mm only.

Видеостена NEC 2x2

The usage of specific installation set with sensor and software allows the provision of optimum color transmission together with even distribution of brightness along videowall entire area. Specific fixture allows any size and form videowall installation on the floor, wall and hanging. 

The videowall will be ideally even due to various settings foreseen by the fixture by thus making it to be a good instrument for various complex projects implementation.

NEC videowall and EasyFrame / EasyFix solution

Currently the videowalls are the most up-to-date visual solution for exhibition stalls, conferences and corporate events.

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