Premiere Atmosphere on Russian CIO Summit-2012

Atmosphere quad HD media

"SmartServices" acted as an exclusive sponsor of the IT conference “Russian CIO Summit-2012” which was held October 8-9 at Moscow’s area "Klyazma" pension, and was attended by over five hundred delegates from all over Russia including CIO’s and top-managers of Russian companies.
No one was left indifferent after our company presented a unique Atmosphere system which combined high-quality video in the resolution of 4320 * 1920 pixels (Quad HD) and digital sound quality. Stunning views of waterfalls, seascapes, panoramas of different cities and various performances attracted attention of the audience plunging them into the world of true pleasure.
This solution allows to create an unforgettable atmosphere in any room whether it'd be an elite hotel or a restaurant, a Luxury Shop, an exhibit room or a corporate event.

Atmosphere quad HD

"SmartServices" is the exclusive distributor of the Atmosphere platform on the territory of Russia.

On questions of purchase and rent of this solution, please call.

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