Saint Petersburg International Economical Forum 2013


The “SmartServices” company has presented technical solutions for three big scale exhibitors: Skolkovo/ Rosnano, Rosneft and Rossijskie Seti (Russian Grids) at Saint Petersburg International Economical forum which took place on June 20-22.

The booth of Rossijskie Seti had non-standard 4х3 video wall from seamless 55" Samsung UD55A LED displays installed . As the booth supposed non standard 21:9 dimensions panel the specific videoserver with AVStumpfl Engine Quad with QuadHD technology allowing the usage of 3840 х 1440 pixels resolution had been used for image high quality obtaining in this project.

Videowall 55" Samsung UD55a

The Skolkovo/ Rosnano booth had been presented with biggest 4х4 videowall composed of 16 seamless 4х4 Christie LCD Panel displays (dimensions 4861,2 х 2744,4 mm).

Videowall 55" Christie on Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum 2013

The Rosneft booth had been presented with two 3х3 and 4х4 made of seamless Samsung-460UT displays together with 65 and 75 inches Samsung displays.

Rosneft booth at Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum 2013

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