Installation manual for touch screen glass (capacitive technology)


Touch glass installation guide

Installation and operation of capacitive touch glass is quite different from the process of installing and operating glasses built on SAW technology (surface acoustic wave).

So, let’s have a look at the diagram that represents the section of monitor assembly for the Terminal.

First there is the disassembled monitor, which requires a protective seal of about 3 mm in height on its perimeter. Typically this gasket is made from double-sided foam tape. If the required thickness cannot be obtained by one layer you can apply multiple layers.

It should be noted that the touch glass must not come in contact with metal parts of the terminal or its components.

After this layer comes the touch glass, which must be aligned with the TFT matrix.

A safety glass, designed to protect the touch glass from acts of vandalism, is mounted over the touch glass without any pads or foam tape. After we apply a 3mm gasket around the perimeter of the safety glass it is set into the external metal frame of the monitor assembly, resting only on the gasket. The external metal frame and metal part of the monitor must be grounded on the housing of the terminal. It is also necessary to ground the controller itself. The grounding diagram is given below:

It should be noted that when mounting the sensor glass it is essential that all components of the glass (the glass itself, circuits, the controller, etc.) are spaced 3 mm from the metal parts of the terminal and monitor assembly.

The point of connection between the glass circuit and controller is very important. The circuit wire is quite fragile so do not apply force or try to move it up or down in relation to the controller. The circuit will break from bending and this is not covered by warranty!!!!

NOTE that any mechanical damage to the glass or controller or circuit (micro chips, scratches, detached elements) automatically voids the warranty.

Installation of software and drivers

1. Connect the touch screen only after installing drivers

2. Select connection type: USB or COM and wait for the installation to complete

3. Connect the touch screen to the computer

4. Run the Setup program. Configure sensitivity values and calibrate the screen.

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