Аренда оборудования

  • Videowalls

    The rent of NEC, Samsung, LG, Orion narrow-bezel videowalls, plasma panels and monitors is one of "SmartServices"  offers. Our facilities enable to solve all the problems posed by the customers, providing a high-quality results in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

  • Plasma (PDP) and LCD panels
    Plasma (PDP) and LCD panels

    The rent of plasma screens, TVs, and other presentation equipment at "SmartServices" is a win-win solution that will allow you to carry out a presentation or an exhibition in the most striking way. We lease out plasma panels that reproduce a hard and sharp image. They can work with almost any source - from PC or laptop to DVD-ROM player.

  • Projectors

    We offer modern presentation equipment for your exhibition stand, seminar or any other event, including projectors and viewing surfaces for front or rear projection.

  • Atmosphere system
    Atmosphere system

    A SPECIALITY that doesn’t have any analogues yet both in Russia and all over the World! Atmosphere is the first entertainment platform in high definition (HD), designed for resorts, casinos, bars, cafes and restaurants, airports, cruise programs, venues, exhibition halls, luxury stores, exhibitions, conferences and hotels.

  • Cameras, event recording
    Cameras, event recording

    The rent of cameras is an integral part of working with screens or Internet broadcasting. We offer professional camera, TV OB Vans and different accessories for video filming.  

  • Computers, Laptops, LCD monitors
    Computers, Laptops, LCD monitors

    One of the "SmartServices" offers is the rental of laptops in any quantity that you need for your event. We provide the rental of the laptops made by leading manufacturers, and we additionally propose other necessary equipment offering the most favorable bid for our customers.

  • Printers, copiers, scanners
    Printers, copiers, scanners

    Copiers, printers, scanners are available for rent.
    Choose any configuration you need, from compact desktop to powerful and productive, network device, having double-sided (duplex) printing.
    Almost any quantity is available for rent.

  • Sound equipment
    Sound equipment

    Our company offers the rent of the sound equipment for events of any format - for the conferences, discos, performances, voicing of large areas at the shows, radiosystems, amplifiers, sound processors and limiters, professional DJ equipment

  • Touch systems
    Touch systems

    The rent of touch equipment at “SmartServices” is the provision of modern multi-touch screens, projection panels and other equipment that is necessary for holding exhibitions, conferences, business trainings, seminars and other events. We offer a favorable cooperation conditions for each client carrying out a full technical support for events of any scale and format.  

  • Video conferences, Internet broadcasts, round table equipment
    Video conferences, Internet broadcasts, round table equipment

    The rent of the equipment for exhibitions, presentations, video conferences, television space bridges, Internet broadcasts and other events is possible with "SmartServices." We fully take care of the organizational and technical support for events of any size by renting a teleconference and testing systems, interactive poll and vote systems; carrying out the manufacture of advertising panels and offering other equipment. Video conferences and groupware systems organized by us - are the key to success of any planned business seminar, training or testing.

  • Video servers, sources
    Video servers, sources

    Any display system, whether it is a video wall or a projector’s screen, requires a power output signal. Displaying a number of different sources at the same time (video camera signal, the output from the video conferencing system, the Power Point presentation, video, etc.) and managing their behavior according to the scenario or “live” is required to create an attractive, bright and modern presentation.
    Our company has an extensive experience in holding events with complex and rich media scenarios. Video servers and control room available together with experienced air technicians will allow you to make any event memorable for the participants.

  • Communication equipment
    Communication equipment

    Local networking, Internet access setup, rental of communication equipment