• Atmosphere system
    Atmosphere system

    A SPECIALITY that doesn’t have any analogues yet both in Russia and all over the World! Atmosphere is the first entertainment platform in high definition (HD), designed for resorts, casinos, bars, cafes and restaurants, airports, cruise programs, venues, exhibition halls, luxury stores, exhibitions, conferences and hotels.

  • Interactive system’s software
    Interactive system’s software

    “Smartservices” is engaged in design and development of programs for touch screens and information stands built on Windows OS platform (to block, calibrate etc.). We have developed multi-touch programs that meet the needs of each customer since they are focused directly on addressing challenges faced by our customers.  

  • Interactive systems
    Interactive systems

    An interactive system is a modern approach to information displaying.

    This technology is able to transform a presentation into a vivid and unforgettable show, an ordinary monitor into information portal with user-friendly navigation due to active and diverse ability of an interactive system to respond to user actions.

    The use of interactive systems and technology opens new perspectives in the field of entertainment, training and presentations.

  • Monoblocks

    A monoblock is an elegant, compact and practical option of an ordinary desktop computer.

  • Professional panels
    Professional panels

    “SmartServices” can provide you with Samsung touch panel, a large touch screen TV and other equipment for playing high-quality images. We offer advanced systems for holding video conferences, live streaming videos while taking care of full technical support for events.

  • Touch monitors
    Touch monitors

    Built-in touchscreen monitor is a modern multi-touch display, equipped with a special touch screen glass, which is responsive to a touch. You can buy a touchscreen monitor for various purposes, for example, it can be used as a monitor for your PC. Capacitive type of multi-touch panels is an excellent option for a complete set of information stands and POS-terminals which nowadays are extensively used in trade, exhibition and presentation areas. You can purchase a 17 inches touch screen monitor for your PC or a touch screen glass of the right size for an information stand, it all depends on your objectives. A diverse choice of different devices and its price range at “SmartServices” will be a sure delight for you! You will find touchscreen panels of different manufacturers in our equipment catalog. You can purchase both compact (7 inches) and widescreen models. The choice is always after you.

  • Touch stands
    Touch stands

    В You can purchase an information touch stand at the great price at “SmartServices”. In addition, we will develop all the necessary content and software, adapting I&R (Information and Referral) stand to the needs of your business.

  • Touch tables
    Touch tables

    A touch table is an interactive device with the basis of a large touch surface mounted on the stand. Several users can simultaneously interact with the information provided by touch tables. It is ideal for creation and demonstration various presentations.

  • Video conferences
    Video conferences

    “SmartServices” offers a lease of modern equipment for group video conferences. The systems of telepresence, video conferences are produced with the equipment from leading manufacturers including such famous names as Polycom, Lifesize, Vcon, Vidyo and many other companies specializing in design and manufacture of solutions for teleconferences. Our company offers an all-inclusive technical support not only providing with a video conference system, but also implementing its full setting and developing the necessary content.

  • Videowalls

    Video wall is a big screen composed of modules. Module in this case is an LCD or LED panel.