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Digital signage, electronic signs, dynamic or active signs  - no matter which term you use, we're talking about digital displays, posting the information on which is automatically controlled so as to increase the impact on the audience - it is the system of Digital Signage. But it's more than just a sign - the use of interactive features allows you to turn the system into an assistant for the visitor guide, navigator, an informant.  

Four Winds Interactive - Digital Signage для гостиниц
Digital Signage System can help users and provide them with the necessary information, while unobtrusively offer advertising information, and "associated" with the interests of the user query. For example - the user is looking for a nearby museum, and the system unobtrusively offers him to call a cab to get to the museum, or will also offer a discount on lunch at the restaurant located next to this museum.

Field of application of Digital signage systems is diverse: from individual stores to shopping centers, from small cafes to chain restaurants, bank offices, hotels, airports, business centers, corporate information systems.

The advantages of the system also provides the ability to display 'live' information (weather, news, traffic, flight information etc.) and integration with any system: electronic part, alert system, schedule, location, staff, employment, facilities and so on.

In today's society, static signage is no longer able to meet all the requirements. It is important not only to attract the attention of visitors, but also to keep their attention. And best solution to archive this goal is Digital Signage.

We offer several solutions of Digital Signage, depending on the tasks: information board at the airport or hotel, interactive guide at the store, the electronic sign on the door of the meeting room or the navigation system in a shopping mall - all our solutions will work flawlessly.
We have implemented Digital Signage projects in various fields: hotels, medicine, movie theaters, museums and shopping centers.
Most of the projects are implemented by us using the Four Winds Interactive platform - perhaps, the best of all Digital Signage systems in the world.
Four Winds Interactive (FWi)

Four Winds Interactive (FWi) offers the most advanced digital signage solution of all on the market.
The platform allows to manage a network of digital screens, built using almost any system display - video walls, large panels, interactive kiosks, desktop computers, online resources and mobile applications with a single flexible platform with broad functionality combining information from different sources, the search for the optimal route, a set of interactive features, allowing users of the system to communicate more effectively, to solve the problem with navigation through the building to improve security on the premises, to increase the sale of goods.

Today, Four Winds Interactive is:
* Over 100,000 Digital Signage screens in 27 countries
* Create, manage and control the entire network of screens with a single application
* The construction of interactive applications without special skills
* Easy integration with any external data sources
* The most powerful navigation system both indoor and nearby
* More than 100 professionals to help successfully implement and maintain product

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