Сенсорный монитор мультитач, тачскрин

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Built-in touchscreen monitor is a modern multi-touch display, equipped with a special touch screen glass, which is responsive to a touch. You can buy a touchscreen monitor for various purposes, for example, it can be used as a monitor for your PC. Capacitive type of multi-touch panels is an excellent option for a complete set of information stands and POS-terminals which nowadays are extensively used in trade, exhibition and presentation areas. You can purchase a 17 inches touch screen monitor for your PC or a touch screen glass of the right size for an information stand, it all depends on your objectives. A diverse choice of different devices and its price range at “SmartServices” will be a sure delight for you! You will find touchscreen panels of different manufacturers in our equipment catalog. You can purchase both compact (7 inches) and widescreen models. The choice is always after you.

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