Our company has implemented thousands of big and small, simple and complex projects since 2006. We will be glad if our knowledge and wide experience are useful for you! You can learn more about some of our implemented projects below:
  • Digital signage
    Digital signage (3)

    Looking for a more powerful, dynamic and effective way to interact with customers?

    Digital signage, active signs, electronic digital signage, dynamic signs - no matter what term you use we're talking about electronic communications where publishing information is automatically contr...

  • Interactive technology
    Interactive technology (1)

    The use of interactive systems is a modern approach to information displaying.

    This technology is able to transform a presentation into a vivid and unforgettable show, an ordinary monitor into information portal with user-friendly navigation due to active and diverse ability of an inte...

  • Video wall
    Video wall (8)

    Video wall is a big screen (40-55 inches) composed of modules, which allows making up screens of almost any size.
    A special video wall controller is required for a correct video displaying which, as a rule, is installed into professional panel’s module.  

  • Videoconferencing
    Videoconferencing  (1)

    Videoconferencing is a session of “live” communication between people from different locations who need personal contact, including normal speech, interchange of text and visual information.

    Videoconferencing system is a system consisting of three main elements:

    - Users...