Video Wall


A video wall is a single split screen composed of several video modules controlled by a special video controller. The modular principle of the assembly allows for varying dimensions in accordance with customer requirements. This device is highly reliable, able to work around the clock while providing high brightness, image clarity and uniformity, and does not require regular adjustments. Their main function is for large-scale information display for collective viewing in control and situational centers, on consoles, as well as in various automated control systems.

Video walls are in demand in areas where operational control of real-time information is required, and where there is a very large responsibility for management decisions, whether it is in energy, transport, telecommunications, industry, security systems or financial management.

Other applications include advertising, business and entertainment. Video-walls allow you to display promotional videos or presentations in high quality to a large number of people in the conference room, on the exhibition stand or in the concert hall. Their sizes are limited only by your imagination and budget. Compared to conventional projection systems (projector plus screen) they have a much greater brightness which ensures superb image quality in lit areas and can display information from many different sources (projector – not more than two). In addition, the total resolution of these gadgets is many times higher than the resolution of one projector, which is critical when showing complex patterns with highly detailed images. The so called seamless video walls are assembled from individual modules between which the distance of the planes displaying the image is kept to a minimum. They are simply necessary in situations where the display wall will be constantly watched by people in the course of their service. This will help make working conditions more comfortable. The main advantage of projectors is the ability to broadcast the image on walls of any curvature.

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