Charging devices will soon pass from sound waves


100% conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy has been achieved in research conducted by Professor Kaginym and his colleagues, which was subject to a special piezoelectric material - a film thickness of 21 nm. With an increase or decrease of film width the rate of energy conversion is dramatically reduced.

Kagin was awarded the Feinmanovsky Prize in 1999 for research on nanoparticles. According to him, the properties of most materials change rapidly when reduced in size to nanometers. The United States Government military agency DARPA is now actively interested in Kagin's promising scientific research. Low current power sources for electronics can be of significant benefit to civil or military equipment, without concern for connecting to a power supply or replacing batteries. Soon there may be little need to charge your mobile device. In noisy environments it will be enough to keep it near a loud audio source.

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