Videowall in Lotte-plaza trade-business center

  • LG 47WV30В.JPG

    Specialists of the company SmartServices have installed a videowall in business-trade center Lotte-plaza in Moscow, Novinskiy boulevard street, 8.

    The wall was constructed on the base of LG 47WV30В panels in relation 3х3.

    The project was rather interesting as the panels were placed into an existing aperture of an outdated LED screen and we could not held outer works as the wall was faced with massive decorative tile. As the result, the aperture was strengthened, the main load-bearing construction was hidden in it.

    External part of the videowall was set in a decorative frame with the construction that enables to hide technological issues, and the frame was fixed not to the wall but to a load-bearing bracket.

    Term of project realization – 10 days (full replacement of old screen with a new one). Works were allowed to hold only by nights, and industrial equipment was forbidden to use on-site. Preparation and painting of adjusting bracket and frame were performed out of the territory of Lotte-plaza.

    Material of bracket and frame - aluminum.

    LG 47WV30В.JPG

    LG 47WV30В.JPG

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