Atmosphere is the first entertainment platform in Quad HD format.

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    Atmosphere is a unique product combining exclusive content and the most advanced technology for storage and playback.
    The system is a media server that can play 4 Full-HD channels simultaneously, synchronized within the accuracy of a frame.

    The content is shot and edited by highly qualified specialists (photographers, filmmakers), and is updated every month. The newest technology and the latest equipment are used for the creation of Atmosphere.
    This solution is ideal for placement at:

    - Luxury hotels;
    - Elite beauty salons;
    - Bars, cafes and restaurants;
    - Airports;
    - Exhibition halls;
    - Luxury stores;
    - Exhibitions and conferences
    Atmosphere Content Library consists of three categories: music, which has over 220 songs of different genres of live music; films - it has more than 50 high-quality movies with sketches of beautiful acts of nature, and finally it contains above 40 ambient films with panoramic city views.
    Atmosphere’s new unique content is capable of compelling attention for a long time and hold the admiring glances of the visitors. If you would like to create an unforgettable atmosphere for your event this multimedia solution will be the right choice for you!

    "SmartServices" is the exclusive distributor of Atmosphere platform on the territory of Russian Federation.
  • Atmosphere needs 4 HD monitor or projection panels for operation. Its optimal size depends on the size of the room and the location of the viewers. Compositions are encoded in H.264 format with 40MBit / s per channel video stream. A special Atmosphere server, on the base of 8-core Apple Mac Pro computer, is used for its playback. Atmosphere software offers a simple and user-friendly interface with all necessary features including content playback by list, loop or at random. Atmosphere control can be done both via computer interface and iPad.
  • Если у Вас появился вопрос, проконсультируйтесь у специалиста по телефону (495) 643-8512 (многоканальный), либо заполните следующую форму: (форма обратной связи)