• 01/05/11 The largest video wall has been developed. The American company NewSight has developed a three-dimensional video wall which is currently the largest in the world.
  • 22/04/11 Сенсорные экраны Сенсорные экраны очень удобны. Вы можете вводить данные с помощью кнопок на экране. Клавиатура или мышка Вам не понадобятся. Сенсорный экран имеет специальные слои, которые реагируют на давление и, таким образом, отправляют ваши команды на компьютер, который в свою очередь обрабатывает информацию.
  • 16/04/11 Sensor technologies The keyboard and mouse have become a kind of standard for us. Just think, habitual and cheaper. But outside the home and office it is easier to use a sensor, touch screen or touch panel (touch screen)
  • 28/03/11 Charging devices will soon pass from sound waves 100% conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy has been achieved in research conducted by Professor Kaginym and his colleagues, which was subject to a special piezoelectric material - a film thickness of 21 nm
  • 13/03/11 The Japanese have developed a cell phone with 3D display The company Seiko Epson presented a prototype of a 3D display for mobile phones. Its 3D picture is visible without any glasses The authors of innovations say that from earlier projects the given screen is distinguished by a sharper image and less sensitivity to movements from the user.
  • 26/02/11 How to properly hold exhibitions The most important question when carrying out an exhibition is: what is the purpose of this event?
  • 12/01/11 Interactive equipment Interactive equipment is equipment that can provide invaluable assistance in the process of education, presentations, meetings, exhibitions and all possible demonstration events.

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